Tiplet is a new versatile digital communication system.

With the help of the system, you can quickly update image, video and text-based material on every screen you use. Updating is done quickly from web-based browser application. All changes done in the web portal take effect almost immediately in the screens. With Tiplet, you can also collect information with Tiplet surveys feature or measure customer satisfaction.


Tiplet can be used to create surveys and collect customer feedback. Improve the customer experience.


With Tiplet you can automate advertising on displays and increase sales. Additional earnings with advertising cooperation.


Tiplet has inbuilt text editor, which allows you to inform customers and/or employees with relevant information. This can be used in variety of functions. Effortless publication of bulletins in real time or scheduled.


Tiplet has survey feature, which is for measuring service experiences.You can use it to create various surveys easily. With our application, you can measure customer satisfaction, or create surveys on interesting topics that you want customer to answer. The one-touch display entices customers or your staff to leave feedback, and the system generates a clear report of the results. Editing surveys for different needs is extremely fast.

Up to date information

You get access to real-time information about customer experiences. The information is immediately available to you after giving feedback. This way you can react quickly to deviations.


A moving advertisement or presentation is a real eye-catcher. With digital advertising, you can get your customers to get to know your company’s online content three times more effectively than the average amount of advertising spent on television, radio or print.

With Tiplet, you can target exactly the desired target group, at the right time and in the right place. You can promote sales, guiding the customer’s buying behavior. You can get your offer better presented and campaigns that change frequently can be presented cost-effectively and in real time.

With Tiplet, you can build visually pleasing advertising and show offers to the customer close to the purchase decision.

With visually stylish videos or pictures, you can strengthen the brand image increase sales. You can use Tiplet to present your products, services and offers more effectively and easily update them if there are changes.


Tiplet is easy, fast, and effective way to handle the informing needs of small or large companies, as well as countless other uses.

You can make announcements look exactly the way you want and update them in seconds. With visible and visually neat announcements, you can attract the customer’s attention and get valuable additional sales. No more untidy paper prints.


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