Internal communication

Tiplet ensures the company’s open and transparent communication. Employer image is improved when you engage and motivate your staff to succeed. You can quickly et your message through on the whole the organization, even employees that aren’t checking their email constantly.

Meetings and guidance
Tiplet is a quick way to present space reservations on the door panel of the meeting rooms and an excellent tool for guiding guests. Forget worn-out A4 paper prints. Today’s guide is Tiplet. The agility of the application makes work easy when you get the necessary information displayed to Tiplet in real time. The meeting guests thank you, because for once it was easy to find the place!

Feedback & inquiries

Tiplet as a data collection tool

“How likely would you recommend the company to a friend or colleague?”

“How did we do today”? Familiar questions to all of us.

Feedback and customer experience are the most important metrics when a company evaluates its own operations and success. With Tiplet, you can collect information in the form of surveys, either with your own questions or by using templates already found in the application.

Analyze customer feedback and improve your day to day operations. With Tiplet, you can easily find out customers opinions. Deeper customer understanding enables to develop cooperation with customers and strengthen customer relationship. Real-time results are easily available and shareable. Tiplet helps you identify your strengths and development areas.

Wellbeing & health

Communicate your message digitally to patients and staff. Tiplet is a modern and easy-to-use information channel.

Digital screens also make it easier for the staff when you inform the most frequently asked questions with Tiplet. You may also need a quick and easy way

Hotel & accommodation

With Tiplet, you can stylishly inform the hotel about the time when breakfast is served and what is for breakfast, the sauna’s usage times, inform customers about your services, and show advertisements. Opening hours, price lists can be displayed neatly and clearly, and you can get rid of A4 printouts.

Tiplet is very reliable, and the staff can quickly update the information on each screen from the user interface of the browser-based application.

With the Tiplet digital communication system, you produce impressive content in the form of still images or moving images. Content management is easy.

Restaurants & cafes

In a crowded restaurant, the easiest way to offer customers service right away is to harness Tiplet as an information channel. With a Tiplet, you can tell the customer what the special of the day or the buffet menu is. This way you can influence customers’ purchasing decisions with Tiplet.

In the restaurant industry, where the content to be communicated is updated up to several times a day, it is possible to focus on what is essential when the production of the content is simplified. The content to be presented can be prepared in advance and scheduled as needed for Tiplet. You can create templates for menus, which you can easily update and schedule to appear weekly or daily or hourly. With Tiplet, you create an atmosphere in the restaurant and the beautiful pictures increase the enjoyment of the meal.

In entertainment use, you can use Tiplet to market upcoming events and offers.

Shops & shopping centers

With Tiplet, you can build visually pleasing advertising and show the customer up to date offers close to the purchase decision. With Tiplet, you can target advertising in the store space to the place you want. Offers can be presented better and campaigns that change frequently can be presented cost-effectively in real time.

With visually stylish videos or pictures, you strengthen the brand image and boost sales.

Public transport

In public transport, people have a lot of time to watch what is happening on the screen.

In taxi use, it is possible to display real-time prices, announcements, advertisements, etc. Stand out to your advantage with attractive and creative content. You can also sell ads to third parties for the Tiplet application.

It is also possible to order a taxi or other transport through the Tiplet system, either directly by e-mail or integrated into various systems.

Tiplet can be used to conveniently combine advertising and other customer information on bus, ship, and ferry screens.

Industry & Production

The Tiplet solution also works well in industry. Important for productionrelated messages can be displayed in the right places in an up-to-date manner.The accessibility of information related to safety, training and special situations also improves.

Through Tiplet, staff or customer groups can be notified of current issues at the same time. On the screens, for example, production numbers can be presented to the personnel as an incentive for work efficiency, and it can be included as part of the bonus system.


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