Tiplet is simple to use signage software, that is compatible with any screen that has HDMI interface or Android OS, for example Android based tablets.

Tiplet offers an easy and fast solution for advertising, informing, guiding, as well as measuring work well-being and customer experience.


Inform and guide

Advance your marketing, sales, and communication. Upgrade your business with Tiplet, a digital communication system that helps you grow sales and create better customer experience.

Manage your displays easily

With Tiplet, we promise a digital signage solution that is easy to use and maintain. You can easily schedule all content shown on displays and have different screens show different content. No more updating marketing material to USB sticks.

Research and analyze

Measure customer satisfaction, with the help of customer feedback feature. By measuring customer satisfaction regularly, you can find out how well the service and products meet customer expectations.


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Applications / Where to use

Internal company communication

With Tiplet, you ensure the open and transparent communication. You can reach even the employees that do not often interact with emails by providing them relevant information on the screen.

Wellbeing & health services

With Tiplet you can guide and inform customers that are waiting in the lobby.

Hotel & accommodation

With Tiplet you can easily update opening times, activities, and price lists. Create ads and boost your sales or guide the customer on your facilities and services.

Restaurants & cafes

Tiplet allows you to create templates for menus that you can easily update. If for example you are serving lunch, you can with few clicks change the contents of lunch list. You can also show A la Carte list and schedule different content to appear at different times. With Tiplet you can also show ads and boost sales.

Shops & shopping centers

Guide customers with offers and product ads and see sales increase. Offer your customers visually pleasing and up-to-date ads close to the purchase decision.

Feedback & inquiries

Continuous feedback enables a quick reaction to a poor customer experience and thus helps to improve the customer relationship.

Public transport

On public transport, people usually have time to watch what is happening on the screen, so it is a perfect place to show ads and get ad revenue.

Industry & Production

The Tiplet solution also works well in industry. With Tiplet you can easily reach employees that are not always checking their email in key points and inform them regarding deliveries, projects and other important information.


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